The Best TV Mount Stand – TOP 10 for 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for a TV stand? It is likely that you are wondering what your mount should incorporate. A good TV mount stand should be sturdy, stable, right sized based on your screen’s size, of a proper height, it should match your taste and style, it should serve your needs, among others.  Read full reviews: The Best Pillow Protector Most of the features of a TV stand depend on the reasons you need one, while some are a must-have. For instance, stability and sturdiness are features that all mounts must have. Having in mind that there are a lot of TV mounts to choose from in the market, selecting one can be difficult. As such, this article provides you with the list of the top ten rated TV stands based on the 2020 reviews. Have a look at them, and determine which one is your perfect fit.

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10. VIVO Universal LCD Flat Screen TV Table Top VESA Mount Stand

This is one of the best TV mount stands that provide mounting solutions. It can fit screens ranging 22 inches to 65 inches in size, and those with mounting holes measuring 75mm by 75mm and 800mm by 400mm. With this stand, you can rest assured that your TV is held in a stable position, as it features two solid steel legs. The two -leg system supports a weight of up to 110 lbs, and it provides optimum balance by spreading the weight evenly between the two legs. Moreover, in between the two feet is an ample storage space, from where you can place your game consoles, DVD player, streaming devices among others. You can rest assured too, that this stand cannot damage the surface you put it, as the bottom of the feet is padded to protect your furniture. Once you buy this stand, you can easily assemble it since it comes with an easy to follow manual and necessary tools.

09. WALI Universal Table Top TV Stand

This mounting stand holds up 55″ screens and those with mounting holes measuring 75mm by 75mm up to 800mm by 400mm. It has strong legs that hold a weight of up to 125lbs. Its legs feature protective covers and felt pads on the base to make sure that no damage occurs on your furniture. This TV stand can fulfill your desire to get a functional mounting stand, as it has a durable-sleek design, while it allows you to adjust its height up to 2.5 inches. Setting up this stand is simple, as it comes with a hardware kit that features easy to follow instructions and the required tools.

08. Universal Table Top TV Stand

This stand holds screens that range from 27 inches to 55 inches with mounting holes between 75mm by 75mm and 800mm by 400mm. It has solid steel legs that can support up to 125lbs. The feet of this stand feature a large non-slip pad to protect the stand from sliding with the TV mounted while protecting your furniture’s surface from any scratch. The stand also features a cable management system that enables you to keep your cables organized, and an adjustable angle system that allows you to watch your TV on a verticle, forward 5-degree angle, or back 5-degree angle. The stand also allows a 3-level height adjustment. You can quickly set up the parts of this stand with no expert assistance.

07. Fitueyes Universal TV Stand

This is a tabletop TV stand with black tempered glass. It holds flat screens that range from 27 inches to 37 inches, and those with mounting holes that fall between 100mm by 100mm up to 200mm by 200mm. It can support a weight of up to 110 pounds. The stand features a cable management system that allows you to keep your table without the messy cable clutter. The stand can turn 35 degrees left and right. It also features a 6-pieces runner pad at the feet to protect scratching of surfaces, while enhancing stability. Once you purchase this stand, setting it up is easy as it comes with an easy to follow instruction manual.

06. Universal Swivel TV Stand

This is a mount constructed from durable steel, giving you the assurance of having a TV stand that will serve you for long. It is a convenient choice, as it gives you the ability to position and reposition it without drilling the walls of your house. It fits screens that range from 32 inches to 60 inches and those with a VESA pattern that ranges from 75mm by 75mm up to 600mm by 400mm. This mount features a 36-degree swivel angle and a height adjustment from 18.9″ up to 23.6″, allowing you to watch your TV from any corner of the room. It holds a weight of up to 60lbs and it has a tempered glass which gives your house a modern look. Whats more, this stand comes with a lifetime warranty.

05. Kanto Mobile TV Stand

This is a stand that adds a stylish look to your space, owing to its minimalist design. It allows you to move it around, as it features four quick release wheel locks. The wheels feature a locking mechanism that ensures the stability of the stand once you place it at the desired position. This stand is ideal for use in presentation rooms, as you can roll it around the room allowing you to position your screen in the perfect location. With this stand, you can adjust the height of the screen from 40.5 inches up to 60 inches. The mount supports screens that range from 37 inches up to 65 inches and those that weigh up to 100 pounds. With this stand, you can be sure to have a clutter-free setup surface, as it has hollow vertical tubes to pass the cables, and an accessory tray and a top shelf to store accessories that work with your screen such as the remotes.


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04. North Bayou Universal Mobile TV Cart TV Stand

This is a rolling television cart that holds screens that range from 32 inches up to 65 inches, with VESA patterns from 100mm by 100mm up to 600mm by 400mm. It allows a height adjustment from 40.5 inches up to 60 inches. It is constructed of a solid aluminum alloy frame and features four brake castors. This mount is ideal for use in boardrooms, business presentations, educational sessions, and all other areas that require movement of the screen for an optimal viewing. You can use this stand to support up to 100lbs.

03. Whalen Furniture PROEC41-NV Flat Panel Television Console

This is a light and open mount that provides all the features needed for a good television display. It holds screens with a size of up to 47 inches and 135lbs. It has shelves that are black tempered, and solid wood legs that are hand finished to enhance its look. Its shelves are trimmed with a plastic strip, while all metal components are powder coated with durable gloss black finish. This mount swivels to the left and right at 45 degrees to allow your viewing at any position. The mount also provides a concealed cable management to allow a clear table top arrangement.

02. Universal TV Stand

This mount fits various flat screen TV models. It holds televisions that measure 32inches up to 62 inches, and those with a VESA bolt pattern that ranges 100mm by 100mm and 600mm by 400mm. It can support a screen with a weight of up to 80 pounds. This mount can swivel 45 degrees towards the right and the left, providing an optimal view from every corner of the room. It has a black piano finish that makes it look stylish. Apart from this, it features a black 8mm thick tempered safety glass that adds to its elegant design. It can hold the screen high enough, to a point where you can place a sound bar or video game sensor in front and still not block the view.

01. Altra Furniture Galaxy TV Stand

This is the mount that tops the list of the best TV stands according to the 2017 reviews. It can hold screens of up to 70 inches and up to 105 pounds. It features a wire management system, to enable you to hide all cables away so that your room stays organized.Read full reviews: The Best Bed Sheet Set With Pillowcases It also features three shelves, each with different sizes, from where you can place your gaming consoles, DVD player, and other components for your entertainment. Apart from this, this mount includes some drawers to provide you with additional storage space, to ensure that you leave your room clutter-free. The black finish on this stand adds elegance to your room, making it achieve a modern look.

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