The Best Lightning Cable Top 10 for 2020 Review

For a start, a lightning connector is basically a power connector and computer bus that was created by the global ICT giant, Apple Incorporated, to connect Apple mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, and iPods, to the host computers, cameras, external monitors, USB battery chargers, and other peripheral devices. The ideal lightning connector ought to be cheap, compatible with several devices, very durable, less prone to the risks of electrical shocks, compact, and portable. Every quite often, many such devices are manufactured and released into the market. Prospective users are therefore at crossroads as pertains the most suitable device for their unique circumstances. In the following review, the best lightning cables as of the year 2020 are going to be identified and reviewed with the aim of informing would-be buyers of not only their availability but the potential benefits they stand to accrue from their acquisition and utilization.

10. AmazonBasics Apple MFi-Certified Lightning to USB Cable

AmazonBasics Apple MFi-Certified Lightning to USB Cable

This Apple MFi Lightning connector is made for the iPhone, iPad, and iPods. It comprises a high-quality copper that increases durability and maximizes signal quality, a high resistance insulation which protects each set of wires, Mylar shielding which reduces any interference besides providing extra layers of protection which reduces wear and tear, and outer jacket that is made of solid PVC which helps in protecting the cables from any damages or fraying.

9. JETech USB Sync and Charging Cable

JETech USB Sync and Charging Cable

The JETech USB Sync and Charging Cable meets and exceeds all Apple’s standards and is compatible with iPhone 4/4s, iPad 1/2/3, and iPhone 3G/3GS thanks to its heavy-duty conductors. It measures 3.2 feet long, consists of 30 pins, is lightweight, coils easily, very durable, and quite reliable. It is used for the dual purposes of charging the batteries of the aforementioned devices as well as transferring data to and from them via the USB port.

8. Apple MFi-certified AmazonBasics Nylon Braided Lightning Cable

Apple MFi-certified AmazonBasics Nylon Braided Lightning Cable

This AmazonBasics Apple MFi-certified lightning cable is compatible with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. It comprises only 8 pins and has a lightning adapter on one end and a USB port on the other end. It has the ability to charge phones, as well as sync two electronic devices for the purposes of easing the flow of data to and from them. Its copper wires ensure maximum signal quality and strength, its braided Nylon fiber cloth offers the much-needed protection, flexibility, and strength.

7. IMKEY Apple Certified 6.5 Feet 30-Pin To USB Sync and Charging Cable

This lightning cable is very cheap, easy to use, and compact in size (measures 78.74 inches long by 0.2 inches wide by 0.2 inches thick and weighs only 1.6 ounces). It contains 30 pins to the USB port and is suitable for use on the Apple iPhone 4, iPod, and iPad 3G.

6. Snowkids USB Lightning Charging Cable

Snowkids USB Lightning Charging Cable

Snowkids USB Lightning Charging Cable is by far the most versatile of all the connectors under review. It is compatible with a vast array of electronic type-c devices such as smartphones, gaming devices, notebooks, tablets, and laptops. On the whole, it confers its users the benefits of very fast charging and data syncing high-speed backup charging and increased durability. It is also very safe and as such protects its users from the dangers of electrical shocks.

5. iPhone Charger Syncwire Lightning Cable

iPhone Charger Syncwire Lightning Cable

This 3.3-feet long Apple MFi-certified charging cable is suited for charging and syncing high-end phones such as iPhone 7 Plus, iPad 2/3/4 Mini Air Pro, iPods, SE 5S 5C 5, and 6S Plus 6 Plus. It is packed with some elegant features that are designed to enhance its functionality. Examples of these elegant features include but are not limited to the anodized connectors, an extra protective layer, and power cables that are tested to bend up to 95-degrees 10,000 times.

4. iXCC Lightning Charger

iXCC Lightning Charger

The iXCC lightning charger measures 10 feet long. It may perform the three main roles that such cables are designed to such as charging electronics, syncing data, and transferring data through the USB port. It is made of premium tinned Copper, 22AWG high-gauge, and low-impedance wire. It is thoroughly tested in a laboratory for more than 72 hours and has the ability to transfer data up to the speed of 500Mbs. On the whole, it is universally compatible, allows up to 10,000 times insert and plug, and can accommodate up to 3 Amperes current.

3. Anker Lightning to USB Cable

Anker Lightning to USB Cable

The Anker Lightning to USB Cable lasts up to four times longer, possesses increased strength and durability comprises bullet-proof Aramid fiber reinforcement and Gold-plated connections. These give it unprecedented tensile strength, resistance to corrosion, and superior conductivity. It is capable of supporting 80kg, has superior connectivity and longevity, and charges devices faster thus saving greatly on time. On the whole, it grants its users the necessary peace of mind they desperately need to enjoy its benefits.

2. Anker PowerLine Lightning 10-feet Apple MFi-Certified Lightning Cable

Anker PowerLine Lightning 10-feet Apple MFi-Certified Lightning Cable

The basic composition of this lightning cable is bulletproof Aramid fiber, 24k gold-plated lightning pins, MFI regulation 24/30 AWG wires, Apple MFI Authorization chip, dual-layer sheathing, and reinforced stress points. These features enable it to withstand the elements of wear and tear more effectively, reduces cable resistance, increases its protection, enables it to attain 5,000 plus bend lifespan, and lasts up to five times longer than other cables. In all, its charging rate is much faster (up to 20% faster than non-certified cables).

1. Apple MFi-certified 1byone Lightning to USB Cable

Apple MFi-certified 1byone Lightning to USB Cable

Measuring 3.3 feet long, this charge and sync cable is not only Apple MFi-certified, but also compatible with several Apple devices such as Nano 7G, iPad mini, iPad Pro, and iPhone 7, to mention but a few. It is small enough to fit almost all case cutouts yet strong enough to withstand constant unplugging and storage. It is able to transfer data between devices, charge devices, and sync them for seamless communications. What’s more? It is also optimized for those hard-to-reach USB ports and the out-of-sight wall chargers.

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